Working at Chemtrade Terminal Rotterdam

The storage and handling of chemicals and aromatics requires experts. We have
specialised in this demanding niche market with a range of heated and cooled
stainless steel and mild steel tanks. Every tank has its own line towards your
ship, train carriage or truck, thus guaranteeing an optimal quality of your products
during the pumping process. We are capable of setting up a tailor-made system for every client and offering additional services, such as circulation and direct addition of demineralised water.


        Multiple jetties, no waiting time

We can guarantee flexibility by offering multiple jetties and maintaining extended
opening hours for loading and unloading. The jetties (suitable for all chemicals ships)
and the loading places for the train carriages are available 24/7. Trucks can enter the
premises from Monday to Friday between 07:00 and 23:00 hrs. Thanks to the standard
vapour processing on our tanks, you can also count on a constant pumping speed.
From now on, costly waiting time will belong to the past. High-end vapour processing
means that we also store benzene and aromatics containing benzene.

In addition to storage and handling of chemicals, we also offer:

(Third party) Transshipment with our jetties
Degassing through our vapour processing system

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